Due to damages sustained by Hurricane Laura to the community, our office is closed for the immediate future. Our staff is currently taking care of their personal needs and will be working remotely once they are settled. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lone Star Texas will be assisting us with health and safety checks of our Bigs, Littles, and Families we serve in SWLA.

For immediate assistance, please dial 211. If you need direct access to BBBS of SWLA, please connect with our Executive Director Erin Davison at [email protected] or message us through our Facebook page.

All new enrollment and matching are paused until our community is up and running. All active community matches, please connect with your Little to ensure their safety and provide support. If you must see your Little to assist them with recovery, please do so safely with adhering to COVID-19 directives. You may visit them at their house if you wish to assist them with recovery, but no driving in and around SWLA for public safety.

We have sustained a significant loss to our BBBS building along with fundraising and donations.  Our building will be closed for the long-term until proper safety and repairs can be made.  This is a huge loss for our Bigs, Littles, and families we serve as they do not have direct access to our Mentoring programs by way of a game room, and full-size gymnasium or face-to-face interaction with our Staff.  Our Fundraising loss is an estimated $400,000 with our four major annual fundraisers being canceled or completely stopped due to catastrophic community damage. 

We continue to provide mentoring support to our Bigs, Littles, and families remotely, as our mentoring has never stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.  We will not be enrolling and matching additional youth until it is safe to do so.  Which impacts our children served and limits the mental health and safety of our youth without a positive mentor in their life. 

We implore you to donate directly to our Mentoring Mission because without YOU, we may not be able to sustain our mentoring services in SWLA or mentor more youth in a time where they NEED us the most. We appreciate your patience as we work through the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Laura. While we have been hit hard, SWLA can not be defeated. God bless and stay safe!


What do we achieve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children achieve success in school, helps them avoid risky behaviors such as getting into fights and trying drugs and alcohol, and helps them improve their self-confidence. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters by regularly measuring our impact

Whom do we serve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity between 6 and 18 years of age. Our network of volunteers, donors and supporters comes from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all corners of the country.

What do we do?

Our unique brand of one-to-one mentoring, in which a child facing adversity is carefully matched with a caring adult mentor in a relationship supported by professional Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members, changes lives for the better forever.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Whether you get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a donor, potential Big Brother or Big Sister, partner, advocate, or family member, you have the power to change a child's future for the better.