School/Site Based Programs

It may sound obvious, but sometimes the best place to help a child realize their potential is at school. Kids enjoy having their Bigs meet with them there, whether it’s in the classroom or on the playground. And parents know what a positive impact it makes.

School/Site Based Mentoring

Our Bigs with Badges, Lunch Buddy, and Reading Readiness mentoring programs are school-based mentoring programs that allows Bigs to meet a minimum of twice a month with a youth in the school setting in-person. The Big meets with their Little during breakfast/before school, during their lunch hour or enrichment period for the entire school year and do anything from reading, chatting about life and playing games to working on schoolwork.  School Based Mentoring is offered in Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard, Jeff Davis, and Vernon Parishes.

It’s teacher-approved.

Some of the biggest supporters of our School-Based Mentoring program are actually teachers. They see students come back from their time with their Big filled with confidence, smiling big, ready to learn and eager to succeed.

Learning about life.

Although it takes place at schools, our School-Based Mentoring program isn’t limited to the classroom. Of course, some Littles do talk with their Bigs about class, or do homework, or read together, but it’s perfectly fine to shoot hoops in the gym or play on the playground at the Little's school.  At the end of the day, it's really all about starting a friendship, providing guidance, increasing educational success, and inspiring them to reach their potential.




Other Ways to Get Involved

Whether you get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a donor, potential Big Brother or Big Sister, partner, advocate, or family member, you have the power to change a child's future for the better. 

Christmas bikes on the way for 20 local students in Big Brothers Big Sisters program

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